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Friday, 5 December 2014

Barry Hilton: Comedian - Now internationally acclaimed

Everyone's favourite cousin and comedian, Barry Hilton walked away a winner at the inaugural Zimbabwe Achievers Awards South Africa.

This year, Barry's globetrotting has seen him perform in Hong Kong, Singapore, Macau, Australia, New Zealand, the UK, Vietnam, Seychelles, Mauritius, on board international cruise liners, in Zimbabwe and also in Doha.

The great news is that this award winning internationally acclaimed 'cousin' can be booked for your next company conference or event.

Bookings: Contact nadine(at) or call 011 7814800 x 202

Monday, 1 December 2014

Chris Gibbons: Speaker of Note

Chris is one of South Africa's best-known journalists with a background in business and management. 35 years of experience in SA radio, TV, and print, has given Chris the opportunity to interview the likes of Nelson Mandela and FW de Klerk.

As a businessman, Chris was Group MD of SA's largest illustrated publishing house, New Holland Struik, and also reached the board of the country's most successful radio group, Primedia Broadcasting.

As a speaker and facilitator, Chris is one of South Africa's most experienced in the industry. His latest keynote address deals with Leadership, Language, Communication and Power. It covers how leaders communicate, what an analysis of their language reveals about them, and how some become addicted to power.

Of particular value to conference organisers, is his ability to handle a live audience asking tough questions of panelists. He also brings his extensive business experience to bear in these circumstances; his own comments and questions add depth and context to the event.

To have Chris speak at your event, e-mail nadine(at)

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Ndumiso Lindi and Comedy at its Best

Ndumiso Lindi hails from Zwelitsha, a small township next to King Williams Town in Eastern Cape. Comedy has always been a part of his life, being raised by parents who believed that humor is second in importance only to discipline.

In 2004, during the Vodacom Comedy Campus Tour, Ndumiso plucked up the courage to get up on stage in front of the entire Tech and try out 3 minutes of comedy. He was amazed at the feeling one gets when you connect with an audience through laughter. Armed with the knowledge that stand-up comedy can effect people and the way they think and feel meant that Ndumiso was ready to take the plunge and give the comedy world his best shot. He worked with the "Comedy All Stars" and started performing at the Armchair Theatre as well as numerous other Cape Town venues. Ndumiso's persistence and hard work finally paid off when he won a trip to London as part of the "Red Bull Comedy All Stars Comedy Challenge". Ndumiso's material is based on everyday life, the things that surround us, how we differ as people and how unique black people can be, especially the new generation.

To have Ndumiso speak at your event, e-mail nadine(at)

Dr. Roelof Botha the "Economist"

Dr Roelof Botha is currently Joint Managing Director of GOPA Group SA, a multi-disciplinary research company that specialises in development facilitation. He has been an economic advisor to PricewaterhouseCoopers for the past 17 years and is an experienced presenter & sought after consultant.

In 2005, he received the Sake-24/ABSA award for Economist of the Year, based on the accuracy of forecasts of key economic indicators. Some of his presentation topics include Global economic recovery gaining momentum, Prospects for a sustained recovery in Europe, Key drivers of renewed vigour in the US economy and many more!

To book D. Botha to speak at your next event, e-mail nadine(at)

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Brett Shuttleworth Specials

Last year Brett motivated 25000 people sharing with them 7 personal codes, which he used to achieve his dream of traveling to India to film a documentary without money, to show that love is the ultimate success.

Brett shares his exciting journey in a light, powerful, inspiring and humorous delivery taking you into a spirit of celebration - perfectly poised for kicking off the festive season! Brett received three rounds of resounding applause by a full house of one thousand people at an international conference for Engineers recently. So weather you are a group of scientists, engineers, doctors, professional sportsmen, salesman, or teachers - you are guaranteed to love this this talk. To feel like a million bucks is the perfect way to end the year! This is the first option he gives you.

The second option is 3 Hour Power Hojo Team Building. Book a three hour Power Hojo Team-building. Along with being inspired through Brett's Robben Island swim talk, bring the team-spirit to the party to close off the year on a high note.

Africa's rockstar motivator Brett Shuttleworth has created a fun, light and inspiring training that will unleash the spirit within your team. From the beaches of Okinawa to boardrooms in Tokyo the practice of Hojo is transforming lives! It was developed in Japan by months in defence of their monasteries. Not only is this sword-fighting technique huge amounts of fun, it is accessible to everyone - no prior experience or any level of fitness required! Package includes an Hour Motivational talk, an Hour Hojo Teambuilding & celebration and Hand-crafted wooden Hojo swords for use during training

To book Brett, e-mail

Zola Budd Pieterse

Zola Budd Pieterse has been running ever since she can remember. She could beat her older nephews at running games and knew she was quick. Zola started training seriously at the age of 14 and earned her first Springbok colours at the age of 15.

Her story is one of betrayal and tragedy. She rues the day she broke the world record by 6 minutes at the age of 17 running barefoot. It made her an international overnight sensation. She became the whipping horse for apartheid and she didn't even know who Nelson Mandela was. Zola is now a very balanced human being with wonderful kids. She goes by the name of Zola Pieterse and lives in Myrtle Beach in South Carolina - her kids of 16 and 18 only ever found out that she was famous about 5 years ago!

To book her for your next event, e-mail

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

AJ Venter former Springbok and Sharks Rugby Player now available as a guest speaker.

People who have achieved at the top level in any discipline are generally well qualified to talk about how to achieve success, work as a team or maintain a positive mindset.

Experience is a great teacher and successfully playing at the top level in international rugby for many years will have created a knowledge base that can be of benefit to all of us.

AJ, is now available to speak at your next event or conference.

To book him, contact Nadine on 011 7814800.

Tuesday, 30 September 2014

George Meiring. Local artist, international voice.

Goerge Meiring was 5 years old when he, his sister, and his brother won his first singing competition. This was the start of great things to come for Goerge!

Deciding to amass a wealth of experience, George worked around the world for the following 11 years for a royal family where he performed exclusively at VIP functions in various countries including Dubai, London, Italy, Spain, Morocco and France.
In 2006, encouraged by his mother, he entered SABC2's Supersterre and was crowned runner up after which Sony Music released 2 successful albums: 'Onthou die Tye' in 2007 and 'Ek Glo in Môre' in 2009.

The highlight in 2008, was George being chosen to sing the National Anthem in New Zealand at the opening ceremony of the Three Nations rugby match. George went on to sing in many more local matches around the country.
George Meiring is an amazing singer, and more than qualified to sing at any event!
To Book George visit

Thursday, 25 September 2014

Choose, Decide, or Dare to dream the Impossible with Allan Heyl

Treat yourself and your staff to either: Dare to dream the Impossible or Choices and Decisions, both by Allan Heyl. These are probably the two most inspiring and memorable talks you are ever likely to hear.

Allan Heyl, the only survivor of the notorious so-called stander gang, gives unique insights based on unique experiences!

Allan will share with you the profound lessons he learned on his incredible journey down a slippery slope of moral deprivation that culminated in him serving more than 27 years in prison both here in South Africa and the U.K. for a string of bank heists and a prison escape and from which, realistically, he should never have emerged. Hear first-hand how a poor self-image undermines our thought processes and how dangerously and easily a cycle of negative thinking can entrap us in a debilitating spiral of moral degeneration.

If you book with Allan, you will receive a 75% discount on his fee! So call now to book on 082 718 8447!

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Speakers Inc.

It all starts with a conversation. A conversation about what your event goals and objectives are, how the success of that event is going to be measured, and what sort of budget you have available for the event.

Need a speaker or MC at your event? Speakers Inc. can help you!

Once all the questions have been answered, Speakers Inc. will make the necessary arrangements and plans so that you won't be disappointed!

From bookings and availability checks, through to facilitating transportation, accommodation, and the myriad of other little things that ensure a seamless process, Speakers Inc ensure that everything works first time, perfectly.

To use Speakers Inc. call 011 622 1228 or e-mail

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Alex Granger, an exceptional Professional speaker.

Alex Granger is an exceptional professional speaker, and the author of "Find, Keep, Grow: The radical art of sales". He has more than 19 years experience in the marketing, business strategy, travel and tourism, and sales department.

Furthermore, Alex has been on the professional speaking circuit for more than 12 years, focussing primarily on sales, customer loyalty, championship thinking, leadership, the power of purpose, and success.

This dynamic, inspirational, energetic, and exciting man, is passionate about delivering an impact in people. He has an array of different speeches that is sure to get you thinking, and maybe even change your life.

If you want to book this amazing speaker to deliver an awe inspiring presentation, you can contact 072 130 4122 or e-mail You can also visit his web page at

The Silent Conductor

Imagine a whole audience of non-musicians becoming an orchestra in minutes. Naturally and effortlessly.

Imagine the conductor not uttering a word yet speaking volumes – about leadership, communication, cooperation and synergy. Imagine a learning experience more powerful than words...Imagine the value to a conference, of everyone having one vision, one idea, one beat, being in one focus & working with united energy.

An organization is like an Orchestra. As the Silent Conductor, Steve's compelling presentation gives a hands-on musical experience of being a significant part of a powerful unit. Steve developed a unique non-verbal approach to group events. Every member of the audience plays an instrument, and so becomes an integral part of an interactive, rhythmic encounter that crosses all language and cultural barriers. Whether participants are accomplished musicians or complete novices, they become united, motivated and inspired.

To make use of this amazing speaker, e-mail

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Celynn and Joni can change your mindset!

Need your workforce to gain some energy and the will to work better? Well give these two a try!

Celynn and Joni are two professional speakers who, together, present hands-on, practical advice so participants can work better, live smarter, and get the most out of every day. It's just what you need in a fast paced world that places exhausting demands on your time and performance. In short, participants will learn how to integrate the 3 KEY components for living a "high performance" life, namely:

1. Fuel effectively for sustained energy 2. Activate their bodies to radiate their brilliance 3. Behaviorally ... the ability to broaden their "bandwidth" to deal more effectively with difficult colleagues.

Monday, 14 April 2014

Speaker Agents. Are they still relevant?

At a recent industry event predominantly aimed at companies providing products and services for client conferences, events and functions an interesting panel discussion was held around the role of Speaker Agents.

The panel was made up inter alia, of well known and up and coming speakers who make their living from speaking engagements at conferences and events, a well known Speaker Agent, and an entertainment agent.

Panel discussions can become quite unruly and unfocused, but well constrained by the panel chairman, 3 main themes emerged as challenges to the 'Agent' entity. These were:

Monday, 11 November 2013

Vangile Makwakwa ~ speaker, author and woman extraordinaire

We continue our series on extraordinary speakers with an extraordinary woman, who is teaching other women how to change their relationship with Money and Food though her talks, her book  and Woman facilitation, meetings and conferences. Her book "Heart, Mind and Money: Using Emotional Intelligence for Financial Success" was published April 2013 and was part of the exclusive Books Homebrew Selection. Vangile has been featured  on SAFM, Radio 2000, Drum, O Mag and Destiny.

Vangile spoke @ the 1st Event Organiser's Network function in Cape Town at the African Pride Crystal Towers networking luncheon in August this year, and she will speak for us again in Johannesburg this Thursday @ Faircity Mapungubwe Hotel, and introduce her book into Johannesburg at the same time. 
Don't forget to check our events calendar on for up and coming EON events.

In other exciting news, Vangile and her co-author for her next book, Dr Stephani K, will be hosting a food and money Summit - Prosperous Women's conference - on Saturday 12th of  April 2014. Come and to learn how to change your money code and with it your relationship with your body, as  as well as the 5 money profiles identified in their research. Some of our team and hosted guests will join this conference after they have attended the Event Organiser's Network 1st Cape Town Showcase on the 10th of April 2014.

Venue: Spier Wine Estate, Stellenbosch
Ticket prices: R699

Target: 300 women executives, Women entrepreneurs and business owners

Contact Nadine or   should you require any further information on Vangile's book or the conference on 011 7814800

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Wildcats Mark Smith

This is the second in the series around our 7th Event Organiser's Network Showcase speakers. Mark is the Managing Director of Wildcats Coaching and Training Specialists, and he was the MC at our EON 203 event held earlier this year.
Mark has earned his Associate Certified Coach qualification with the International Coach Federation. He is highly sought after as a speaker and a facilitator of change in organisations.
Mark is a dynamic public speaker, and uses his experience, interspersed with anecdotes during his speaking engagements to inform and entertain his audience. 
He speaks on a wide range of topics including:
·         The leadership Imperative. Strategies and tactics for Kings and Queens
·         Being a true salesperson, the ethical approach.
·         Finding your passion and making it count. A personal story of overcoming challenges using emotional intelligence and forgiveness.
·         The man in the mirror. Authentic self-leadership principles

Mark is an innovator and can address an audience on a wide range of topics suited to the environment and the client’s specific needs.

To book Mark contact Nadine on 011 781 4800.

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

EON 2013 Showcase speaker Gavin Sharples - a maverick, crazy, mad and intense humourist?

This is the first in a series focusing on the awesome speakers featured at the 7th EON Showcase this year. 

Gavin Sharples uses humour to motivate delegates to do things differently. He offers, practical but certainly different ideas that work by liberating others’ uniqueness..

Gavin is SA’s biggest, busiest and most sought after platform speaker (undisputed fact), and regarded as one of the Big 3. 

Gavin attains “outstanding” ratings from delegates 90% 
of the time. He always provides a “take home” message that can be used to get results immediately. 

He has been called: a Maverick, crazy, mad, intense, outspoken 
and creative, nice guy, not normal, naughty and passionate.

Is these monikers true?
See for yourself, see Gavin in action here

For more information or to book Gavin contact Nadine on
011 781 4800

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Lynn Baker - Executive Presence

LYNN BAKER is a Certified World Class Speaking Coach, a title that she is proud of, in an industry that she is passionate about!

Executive Presence describes those people who walk into a room and everyone turns to look at them, when they speak people listen and when they lead, others follow!  These people command authority, exude energy that is magnetic and possess charisma that is captivating!  Their appearance is impeccable; they present themselves with confident composure and an exceptional ability to develop relationships of trust.

In essence Executive Presence it is about perception management; the development of the softer skills of business and it requires focusing on improving the following attributes:-
  • Competence - Developing business acumen and specialised knowledge
  • Credibility - Developing a powerful Personal Brand profile
  • Characteristics - Developing high levels of confidence, charisma, humility, authenticity
  • Connection - Building strong relationships of trust
  • Communication - Developing highly effective communication skills
  • Credence - Putting it all together and presenting a professional image
During this fascinating one hour presentation, Lynn Baker takes us on a journey where we explore the fascinating concept of Executive Presence; why we need it and how we get it!  Using examples of people who have it such as Barrack Obama, Oprah Winfrey, Nelson Mandela and many more, we look at what it takes to develop our x-factor in business.  

Contact the Event Organiser Network today on 011 781 4800 to get an availability and quotation to book Lynn Baker.

Keynote Speeches
  • Executive Presence - Developing the X-Factor in business - a 6 step process.
  • Speaking of Speaking - Addresses the planning and dynamic delivery of Business presentations and keynote speeches

Monday, 17 September 2012

Eat your way to corporate profitability

Lily Geerdts
Joining a long line of 'eat' solutions to life; you know, from eat yourself thin, eat yourself into a good/bad/indifferent mood, you are what you eat (odd I do not remember eating a sexy beast), eat your heart out, we now have... your way to corporate profitability. Come now, give it a chance, it's not as odd as it sounds. Wellness is the next multi billion [insert currency here] industry. That is what Lily Geerdts contends and that is the focal point of her presentation.

As a young girl Lily was intrigued by food and it's effects on the human body. After overcoming bulimia herself, she realised that the brain is completely reliant on what we consume. 

This led her into delving into early childhood development and she now believes that the secret to raising effective children is wholly reliant on good, nutritional, wholesome food. She talks about diabetes, ADHD and obesity from young to old and questions our "modern" lifestyle in the onset of these diseases. 
Not Lily

Lily will point your company in the right direction when it comes to nutrition...perhaps even better turn over with better thinking staff!    

Book Lily as your next speaker and enjoy your next meal ticket to success.

Nadine on 011 7814800 ext 13, or nadine(at)

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Ashley Hayden

With a BA(Hons) degree and two decades in front of the television cameras, Ashley Hayden is proud to present her new bespoke training courses, 'WOMEN MEAN BUSINESS' and 'THE GAME OF LIFE'. Both are aimed at increasing productivity, morale and teambuilding within your company.

Today corporate environments are moving away from traditional thought processes. Trend analysts tell us that we are at the start of a 'female' century when reverence for traditionally female qualities is on the rise.
We are beginning to change the way we do business due not only to large numbers of empowered, educated and determined women in the work place, but also the growing percentage of female consumers who are demanding a voice in the marketplace.
They communicate differently; they set goals, and put plans in place based on different criteria. And it is that very difference that guarantees a well rounded approach when both sexes work together. No single gender is superior to the other, but together, the team becomes greater than just the sum of its parts.

How can you, as a company, access this mother lode of female wealth and independence?
  1. Do you know what the women within your business bring to the table? 
  2. Do you know how to harness their unique gender abilities? How to decode their messaging? 
  3. Do you know how female consumers want to be treated? What their needs as customers are?
Also offered by Ashley Hayden:

Master of Ceremonies for Gala Dinners, Awards Ceremonies, Conferences, and Product launches
Present Like a Pro - training for executives on speaking skills in the corporate arena
Media Training - For staff who will need to communicate in front of cameras, at press conferences, give print interviews and talk on the radio
Business Broadcasts, both live broadcasts and recorded training modules