Friday, 12 December 2014

Xmas party and graduation for our adopted Kliptown Creche

What a great feeling to be able to host our adopted creche, Future Angels' graduation ceremony and Xmas party.

This year, The Soweto Hotel joined us as venue sponsors and for the first time 36 preschoolers had their party and graduation at a 'Big" Hotel.

With big eyes and some apprehension, they all arrived walking in single file from their school about 500m away across the railway track.

This year, 5 preschoolers graduated. They received their graduation certificates proudly dressed in black tie, graduation frocks and caps. Really, Big little people.

We love being an ongoing part of the development of the Future Angles Creche.

Thanks to Mom Dolly, originator of the school and tireless teacher to all.

Thanks to The Soweto Hotel and of course to the team at EON.

It's been a year since we adopted the makeshift Future Angels
Creche in Kliptown.

Mom Dolly, initiator of the school and tireless teacher started the school in an empty room on her property in Kliptown, Soweto to cater for those little children who were left on the streets by moms who had to go to work.

Mom Dolly takes care of 36 preschoolers ranging in age from as young as 12 months to 6 years old, teaching them counting and alphabet through song and dance.

It is amazing and quite touching to see how so much can be achieved by so
little and how enthusiastic the little ones are.

EON has worked throughout the year to provide assistance where the school needed it.

We would like to thank those EON members and others who have made generous donations of food equipment, educational toys and more.

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