Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Zola Budd Pieterse

Zola Budd Pieterse has been running ever since she can remember. She could beat her older nephews at running games and knew she was quick. Zola started training seriously at the age of 14 and earned her first Springbok colours at the age of 15.

Her story is one of betrayal and tragedy. She rues the day she broke the world record by 6 minutes at the age of 17 running barefoot. It made her an international overnight sensation. She became the whipping horse for apartheid and she didn't even know who Nelson Mandela was. Zola is now a very balanced human being with wonderful kids. She goes by the name of Zola Pieterse and lives in Myrtle Beach in South Carolina - her kids of 16 and 18 only ever found out that she was famous about 5 years ago!

To book her for your next event, e-mail info@conferencespeakers.co.za

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