Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Brett Shuttleworth Specials

Last year Brett motivated 25000 people sharing with them 7 personal codes, which he used to achieve his dream of traveling to India to film a documentary without money, to show that love is the ultimate success.

Brett shares his exciting journey in a light, powerful, inspiring and humorous delivery taking you into a spirit of celebration - perfectly poised for kicking off the festive season! Brett received three rounds of resounding applause by a full house of one thousand people at an international conference for Engineers recently. So weather you are a group of scientists, engineers, doctors, professional sportsmen, salesman, or teachers - you are guaranteed to love this this talk. To feel like a million bucks is the perfect way to end the year! This is the first option he gives you.

The second option is 3 Hour Power Hojo Team Building. Book a three hour Power Hojo Team-building. Along with being inspired through Brett's Robben Island swim talk, bring the team-spirit to the party to close off the year on a high note.

Africa's rockstar motivator Brett Shuttleworth has created a fun, light and inspiring training that will unleash the spirit within your team. From the beaches of Okinawa to boardrooms in Tokyo the practice of Hojo is transforming lives! It was developed in Japan by months in defence of their monasteries. Not only is this sword-fighting technique huge amounts of fun, it is accessible to everyone - no prior experience or any level of fitness required! Package includes an Hour Motivational talk, an Hour Hojo Teambuilding & celebration and Hand-crafted wooden Hojo swords for use during training

To book Brett, e-mail info@conferencespeakers.co.za

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