Thursday, 15 May 2014

Venue Review - Bridgeways May 2014

The Western Cape offers so many special attarctions and in the eventing world it hosts a few special secrets.

Bridgeways conference and event venue,  is one of these secrets. This venue has its own amusement park! Ratanga Junction owned by Bridgeways and they share a property.

The friendly staff make life easy for you and will help you to get your event running as smoothly as possible from the beginning. The sheer size of the venue makes it a possibility for  any type of event that you wish to host, from a business meeting to an end of year function

The recreational edge that Bridgeways offers is unique. Think about it who can honestly say that they have the ability to host an event and at a certain point during it announce that it is time to of for a ride on a rollercoaster or some other fun ride.

Bridgeways is a all round venue were fun and work can mix freely.

Click here for the peer review to see what they had to say.


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